Pun intended.

Here is a lovely new movement regimen I’ve invented and added to my daily routine. I’ve affectionately termed it the crotch rock. Do not underestimate the profound effects of this routine until you’ve given it at a try at least 5 days in a row.

It takes less than 10 minutes a day, and considering it could make the difference between needing knee or hip surgery later in life, or not, I personally feel it’s worth a lot more than ten minutes of my time.



Like brushing your teeth, you have to do this every day to get the best results, and you will notice a difference right away if you miss a day after consistent care. Also like brushing your teeth, the greatest benefits come months, or even years down the road, when you still have all of the working parts you have been consistently caring for.  Of course by the time I’d statistically be ready for hip surgery or dentures, both will probably be readily available to grow in a lab for pennies to the dollar, but just in case I’m hedging my bets.


How did I come upon such a silly looking yet effective set of techniques you might ask? I was in Guatemala the past February of this year for 18 days, 15 of which I resided in a man-made cave suspended in total darkness and isolation.

This movement regimen came as a result of the acute sensory awareness that arises as a result of basically being blind for many days in a row. Many things that were completely outside of my sensory awareness became incredibly loud and clear after only a few days away from the flashing lights and whirring sounds of modern society. I was suddenly able to feel the microscopic hip imbalances that had been there for years upon waking in the morning.  Imbalances that I could tell might lead to permanent hip damage over time if not addressed before going about my day of movement.

As an example, a professional dancer wouldn’t dream of going on stage without warming up, a professional fighter would never think of jumping in the ring without at least a few minutes of jump rope, in the same way we shouldn’t consider standing and walking without first resetting our hips upon waking in the morning.

With that said you literally want to roll out of bed and do this first thing in the morning. Yes, definitely before you do any more extreme forms of stretching, but even before you stand up and start to walk around if possible. You literally hit snooze and then hit the routine.

Over time this routine will start to drastically change the way you initiate movement in walking, and start to correct many of the imbalances so common in a westerner’s hips after a lifetime of sitting and sedentary lifestyle.

If you’re interested you can read more about my Darkness Retreat Adventure Here: (Link not available because Janu didn’t write the article yet!!)